CannaKorp™ has developed a set of products and technologies that will revolutionize the way that medical cannabis is cultivated, packaged, sold, and used. We seek to form partnerships with cultivators, processors, dispensaries/retailers, distributors, testing labs, medical practitioners and manufacturers to bring our products to market – and in doing so, create an efficient, reliable, and profitable medical cannabis ecosystem.

Following our rigorous quality standards and standard operating procedures (SOPs), our cultivator / processor partners will license our CannaMatic technology to fill our CannaCloud Pods with their cannabis product – which will always require third party testing. Distributor partners will make sure that a wide variety of CannaCloud Pods and strain choices are available to consumers where they shop, and dispensary / retail partners will educate and inform patients and consumers about the benefits of vaporizing dose-controlled CannaCloud Pods with our state of the art CannaCloud Vaporizer system.

All CannaCloud Pods will be filled by authorized cannabis cultivator / processor partners.  CannaKorp does not grow or sell cannabis. All of our products are intended for use only in those states and countries where cannabis is legal and authorized.