CannaKorp, “A consistent, quality experience… every time.”

Introducing CannaCloud™

The world's first single-use, pod-based herbal vaporizing system.

The CannaCloud System

CannaCloud™ Proprietary vaporizer technology extracts
the medically beneficial compounds from cannabis flower
offering a better alternative to smoking.

CannaCloud Pods™ Made from recyclable materials
and professionally labeled with strain, compound information,
and the quality assured, licensed cultivator brand.

Convenience, Consistency, and
Choice with Single-use Pods

Pre-measured, nitrogen purged and sealed pods that work with
the CannaCloud™ vaporizer will be sold wherever cannabis is legal.

CannaCloud Pods™ contain only the highest quality cannabis, lab-tested and
filled by certified cultivator partners who meet our processing standards.

“A consistent, quality experience… every time.”

Our mission is to simplify and improve the medical cannabis user experience.


Insert our pods with no grinding, no rolling, no touching. Everything is ready to go within 60 seconds.


Our partners will be held to the highest standards to ensure quality, lab-tested products go into our CannaCloud pods. We will only accept growers with the highest commitment to quality of cultivation and processing.


You can expect a pre-measured and consistent experience from your favorite CannaCloud pod.


CannaKorp with a “K” is a kind company founded on a commitment to patients, customers, and the community. We’re working hard to develop social and environmental responsibility programs.


Our pods contain high-quality ground flower, not de-natured extracts.


Choose from various blends of sativa, indica, hybrid and CBD-only strains according to your desired experience. Discover the wonderful taste and aroma of terpenes contained in cannabis flower.

See how the CannaCloud system works…

Choose your favorite CannaCup, insert into CannaCloud vessel, and in 60 seconds you’re ready.

The CannaKorp™ Team

We are a highly experienced, cohesive team of executives and experts with a track record of success

Dave Manly
James Winokur
Co-Founder & CEO
Michael Bourque
Co-Founder & Inventor
Ian Tinkler
Chief Technology Officer
Greg James
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Jeremy Krause
Co-Founder & Vice President
Basil Karanikos
Vice President, Packaging Engineering
Angela Foster
Vice President, Product Management

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