TravisHowardTravis Howard, Chief Executive Officer, Shift Cannabis Co.

Mr. Howard splits his time between corporate management practices and the legal areas of dynamic entrepreneurial industries, including the ever-evolving medical marijuana industry. He holds a Juris Doctrate from the University of Colorado School of Law and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Colorado State University. Mr. Howard’s broad business background encompasses specialties in computer information systems, project operations control, and public speaking platforms. In addition, Mr. Howard’s diverse portfolio of professional experiences includes System Administrator roles,
Office Director positions, CEO titles, and Board of Directors membership. In addition to his duties as CEO of Shift Cannabis Co., Travis currently sits on the board for other well-established medical marijuana companies to include California companies Auntie Dolores and Tradiv, and Colorado businesses Sporitas
and PotGuide. Travis’ expertise in the medical marijuana industry is evidenced by his annual invitations to speak and moderate panels at the National Marijuana Business Conference in Las Vegas and the National Cannabis Industry Association Conferences in Denver and New York City. When Travis is not speaking on the national stage, he’s making waves on the national page, having been interviewed for features in Worth Magazine, Dope Monthly, Marijuana Business Magazine, and numerous local Colorado publications.

Mr. Howard’s understanding of emerging and disruptive technologies, managerial applications, and the legal structures supporting both creates a fertile environment for creating business value through transformation. He enjoys applying his knowledge to start-up companies looking to embrace both the future and the persistent market changes that arise along the way. Mr. Howard is a member of both the State of Colorado and local Boulder Bar Associations, and is involved with leading cannabis industry groups such as the National Cannabis Industry Association. Mr. Howard brings over a decade of executive leadership, technical expertise, and legal practice to Shift Cannabis Co.

Travis may be a CEO, attorney, and entrepreneur, but his most important position is as a loving husband and caring father to three children. Having worked in a family business early in his career, Travis understands and respects the subtleties of decision making which impacts those dear to him. The business of business runs deep in Travis’ blood, but he still considers himself a naturalist and adventurer by heart, continually longing for The Rocky Mountains and always planning his next journey beyond the boardroom.