Chaho Song - CannaKorp Board of AdvisorsDr. Song is one of the pioneers and brains behind Tread Embedding Acupuncture (TEA) which was originally designed to treat pain. Through his dedicated hard work and commitment, he became successful in creating a method that is used in cosmetic and plastic surgery in addition to treating pain. Dr. Song is modest and humble enough not to take all the credit but also attributes part of the success to the first TEA manufacturing company and a partner hospital. Currently TEA is considered the most sought after non-invasive facial plastic surgery procedure in Asia. Due to his knowledge and expertise, it did not take him long before he was requested to be the Vice President of the American Oriental Plastic Surgery Association (AOPSA) to disseminate this knowledge to practitioners. Although AOPSA was founded in South Korea, it enhances and passes on the advantages of Eastern Medicine to the United States. Not only is Dr. Song experienced with non-invasive cosmetic procedure, but also his true expertise includes but not limited to treating internal diseases and infertility.

Dr. Song relocated to California in the year 2015 to integrate Western and Eastern Medicine. This was made convenient and effective through the establishment of Alternative Medicine Research and Development Association (AMRDA) which was founded by Dr. Song. Through the integration structure of the two worlds, it guarantees optimal medical care for the general public and inventions of cutting edge techniques and therapies to his patients. Through the conglomerate of OMD’s, MD’s and DDS’s, the therapies and techniques used in South Korea and China are analyzed as to how they can be adapted and applied in the United States. Within a year, AMRDA became board certified organization that can provide continuing education to medical practitioners. Dr. Song is also a columnist for local newspaper in Orange County in California to educate general public of benefits of Eastern Medicine.