Jim leads the technology development of the WISP product and Pod system.  He is responsible for the creation of the product system capable of meeting consumer expectations and be mass producible.

Previously, Jim spent his 12+ year career at Keurig developing the each “At Home” Keurig single serve coffee brewer system.  Starting when Keurig was venture backed with $34million in revenue, Jim’s technology leadership career spanned the Green Mountain purchase in 2007 and the JAB $15 billion transaction in 2015, taking the company private again.  During Jim’s tenure, 55 million brewers of his design were manufactured, in China and Malaysia and the company sales grew to $5 billion per year.  Jim was involved in over 40% of the international patents granted to the company by 2016.  Previously Jim served in technology and program management roles at Hasbro, leading the development of the Bop It line and elefun, both still currently being sold after development in the mid 90’s and he has spent time in technical capacities at various X-Ray Inspection companies.  Jim graduated with a BSME with honors from the University of New Hampshire and earned an MBA from Boston College.