Chaho Song - Marketing Manager CannaKorpChaho is responsible for overall marketing activities at CannaKorp, including managing social media, designing product packages, conducting market research and analysis, developing marketing strategies, fulfilling orders, coordinating conferences/tradeshows, and more. Chaho serves as senior advisor at Korea Cannabinoid Association, organization that intends to persuade Korean government for the legalization of medical cannabis.

Prior to joining CannaKorp, Chaho worked as a director of marketing at Orange Clover Holistic Center, California where he led all the sales and marketing activities, and also created and maintained relationships with city councils and local communities. Previously, Chaho worked at Proxy Networks, Inc., Synchronal, a software start-up, and Deloitte Korea.

Chaho holds a B.A degree in Business, specialization in marketing and Psychology from Brandeis University.