CannaKorp’s™ patent-pending vaporizer technologies, CannaCloud™ and CannaCloud Pods™, are the first to deliver medical cannabis in a single-use, pre-measured portion pack.  This quality-assured, convenient and consistent system makes the entire user experience easier and more consumer-friendly.  We are attracting mainstream consumers and patients who have yet to enter the legal medicinal market – as well as current connoisseurs – just like single-serve coffee pods transformed the coffee market.

CannaKorp™ is a partner-based and royalty model to sell a complete system of technologically advanced vaporizer, the CannaCloud™, coupled with a single-use portion pack, the CannaCloud Pods™.  The CannaCloud™ system extracts the medically beneficial compounds more efficiently while simultaneously offering a much safer and enjoyable experience than other alternatives.  As a patient once said, “you are taking this out of the dark and into the light.”

CannaKorp™ is led by a highly experienced team with a track record of success and backed by experts in the field.  We recently completed our seed funding round and are seeking strategic investors in our series A campaign who share our vision to be the market leader in providing medical cannabis users the ultimate in quality, convenience and consistency.

Holding the market back, however, are a lack of universal cultivation standards, consumer-friendly packaging, quality validation, and clear dosing guidelines. CannaKorp™ has developed the means to modernize and legitimize the way medical cannabis is processed, packaged, and sold in order to enhance its convenience and improve the health and quality of life for those patients who will benefit from this alternative medicine.

Initially, CannaKorp™ is focused on the medical cannabis market, which is currently estimated at over $7 billion in North America. New market research estimates indicate a $23B market by 2019 for ancillary products and services (Marijuana Business Daily and ArcView/Frontier Research).

CannaKorp™ does not grow or sell cannabis. All of our products are intended for use only in those states and countries where cannabis is legal and authorized.

CannaKorp™ is seeking capital for manufacturing, partner acquisition, inventory purchase, personnel hiring and market launch.  We intend to build a global brand and distribution of its system.  Taking into account applicable laws, we have an advantage as a product technology company that does not take possession of the cannabis or receive revenue directly related to cannabis sales.

To see more information about our company, products and plans, please view the video below from the Viridian Investor Forum in Fort Lauderdale, June 2016.

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