image003As I began using cannabis more regularly, I was increasingly seeking out the best possible experience. I soon realized it came down to two elements: the quality of the cannabis and the quality of the equipment used to consume it. Early on, I decided I personally didn’t enjoy smoking marijuana so I began investing in vaporizers. Some were very cumbersome to use, some relied on batteries that would quickly wear out, one just smelled really bad, and one was ridiculously expensive.

Being a tinkerer by nature, I started taking them apart. I learned how they were made, and I started to try to improve them. Eventually, it became clear that rather than try to fix what others had done, I had to make my own. So I did. More on that in the next blog post.

At the same time, I was bothered by the fact that I never knew anything about the cannabis I was buying and using. Where was it grown? How was it grown? What was its chemical composition? Just like with the vaporizers, I decided to do it myself and grow my own. If I could be a tinkerer, then I could be a gardener too, right.

I got a grower’s license and got a clipping of a strain called AK-47. I learned how to fertilize it properly, got the right lighting system, and mastered the best methods for trimming the plant and harvesting, drying, and curing it. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was beginning to codify the quality cultivation standards that would govern the partnership agreements CannaKorp is making today with our grower / producer partners.

The first time I actually combined my own cannabis with my own vaporizer, it blew me away. It was the experience I had dreamed of. As a user, I was thrilled. As an inventor, I was proud. I really felt that I was onto something. However, I was unsatisfied at the same time because I realized I had made something only for myself. But it was important to me that I share this invention with other who might benefit from it as I did. One of the first people I told is now one of my co-founders at CannaKorp.

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