dr grinspoon and michael v4

The first time I purchased marijuana, I was nervous as I drove home with the bag. Now, I was bringing my prototype of what would eventually become the CannaCloud vaporizer to marijuana expert Dr. Lester Grinspoon. And I was just as nervous. Brilliant as he is, he is an old man and not in the best of health. I didn’t want to waste his time. But I knew I had a lot to learn and he was the man best qualified to help me.

Dr. Grinspoon uses marijuana daily, and so after some small talk, he pulled out a tray on which sat a grinder, brushes, a scale, and some marijuana. I noted how long it took him to prepare the drug for use in his own vaporizer. It took seven minutes. Just as he was about to turn the vaporizer on, I told him to stop. Then I put my prototype in his lap and asked him what he would do with it.

He started exploring it, and correctly put a pod in the machine. What he didn’t realize at first was that the marijuana was already in the pod. In less than a minute, we were ready to vaporize. Operationally, it was like the difference between ordering espresso and making your own cup of coffee in a Keurig. He was amazed. He later told me it was the best experience using marijuana that he’d ever had.

After that, Dr. Grinspoon shared his passion about his research with me. He told me that my invention could help a lot of people. He liked that it didn’t use any cannabis oils. “Herbal marijuana is the gold standard,” he said. The message was clear: don’t mess with nature. That has become a core value of CannaKorp.

The only bummer was when I had to tell Dr. Grinspoon that this unit was the only one in existence. To make more would require putting together a company. I asked him if he serve as an advisor, and he agreed.

All we needed now was a company, so we created one: CannaKorp.

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